PLAN Bread Review

I know more and more people are suffering with gluten intolerances and looking for great gluten free breads.  I’m obsessed with my magic microwave bread (and I know you will be too!).  Anyway, so when I heard about a company making a broccoli bread I was intrigued!

Yes, you heard that right, a bread made of broccoli!  Post-sandwich guilt is set to become a thing of the past with this virtually carb-free, low calorie super bread.  Plan Bread was set up by Paul Shackleton, after he left his job in the city and taught himself to bake.  It’s a sandwich delivery business which offers sandwiches made out of the UK’s lowest calorie bread.  This all sounds pretty marvellous…but how do the sandwiches taste?

It tastes good!  The texture is quite dry, as is the case with most gluten free breads.  It’s a rather fun green colour, which doesn’t hurt!  The fillings have been carefully constructed to counteract the dryness and the sandwiches are filled with clever treasures such as sun-dried tomato pesto and light mayonnaise.  The taste of the bread itself is probably best described as somewhere in between an omelette and a brioche.

The sandwiches are also surprisingly filling, (as is my own carb free bread), and will keep you feeling satisfied all afternoon.  The broccoli also ensures that the sandwiches are packed full of fibre, which is also seriously good for you!  The bread only contains 139 calories and 2.1g carbohydrate per 100g.  That doesn’t mean that much to me…but looking at the normal loaf of bread I have in the freezer, I can see it’s 249 calories and 31.4 g of carbohydrate per 100g.  So this broccoli bread is a true revelation!

I took the liberty of ordering four different sandwiches and taste testing them for you.  I know, I’m just too good to you!  The best were the Ham, Emmental and Salami and the Roast Chicken with Sundried Tomato.  The Ham and Emmental was actually the one I was least looking forwards to but the cheese went really well with the broccoli bread and it turned out to be my favourite!




The bad news is at the moment they only deliver to Central London and the City, but they have big plans of opening Plan B outlets, and a general broccoli bread take over, so they could be expanding soon!  Visit their website for more information.